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Michael Kappler

Michael Kappler

Freelance - Consultant & Business Angel

- 59 years, MBA, German, 27 years in Barcelona. - Languages: German, English, Spanish, Catalan and French. - More than 30 years as partner in different domestic and international management consulting firms. - Main areas of expertise are development and implementation of growth strategies and reorganization. - With an important track record in venture capital, I advise young companies in reaching their sales goals, adapting key processes and organisational structure. - Am following a pragmatic and hands-on work approach, 100% result driven.

Experiencia Previa

International Venture Consultants, S.A - Socio
Oliver Wyman - Senior Associate
Rubicon Water - Business Development Southern Europe
FUMEC (Fundación México Estados Unidos para la Ciencia) - Senior Business Advisor

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