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Isabel Hernández Ruiz

Isabel Hernández Ruiz

AWASI - Cofounder

- Business leader with a technical mindset. - Strategic thinker based on growth, profitability and sustainability. - Isabel holds a Telecommunications Engineering with over 15 years of experience in Research, Development, and Innovation, creating business value through technology, with executive training in finance, negotiations, entrepreneurship, and investing. - Proven success in new product development, and improvement to existing products and processes. - Implemented complex, large-scale software projects. Have led complex software integrations between US, Asia, and Europe providers and European customers.

Experiencia Previa

AWASI - Cofounder - Business angel. Investor. Analyzed, coached, and supported new business projects in partnership with Business Schools and Universities
Nokia - R&D Project Director, Product and Project manager, Team Leader, Technical Expert. Business development. Promoted innovation projects collaborating with innovation teams. Improved productivity and work environment. P&L. Addressing inefficiencies to reshape cost and sales curves to ensure profitability.

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